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Our paths crossed back in March of 1999. We are both transplants from other areas that happened to settle down in New England and met through friends. It was at a social gathering in Newton where Michael knew a guy who lived downstairs and I knew the girl who lived upstairs through another friend, Melissa. We shared in good conversation that evening which ended in me taking his business card.

That business card came in handy about a year later when I moved to the North Shore for a job and wanted to meet new people. I was going through my address book, found the card and decided to email that nice guy, Michael. Two weeks later when there was no response, I thought perhaps he had moved on and was no longer at the same email account or simply was no longer interested. Meanwhile Michael was taking a survey with his friends wondering if he should call ‘the crazy girl who held onto his business card for a year and never used it until now’.

Late one Monday night while I was watching the Dolphins on Monday Night Football, he called. We talked for quite some time and, again he was a very nice guy, so I thought we could get together, hang out, meet his friends and make some new friends of my own. We arranged that Michael would call the following Saturday (August 26), to determine the game plan.

By 7 pm that Saturday, I had received no phone call and began to question if I had been stood up. I called my girlfriend, Kristen, and said that if he did not call by 8pm I would meet up with her and go out with the girls. At about 7:45 pm, he called and we were off on our very first date.

The rest is history. We continued to see more and more of each other as time progressed. New Year’s Eve 2001, we officially said the ‘L’ word and it has been non-stop happiness ever since with glorious trips (Vermont, Doane’s Falls, Amsterdam, Newport, etc.) and extraordinary moments together.