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How this date and event came about . . . Earlier this year we were trying to determine what we should do for our second anniversary. We spent our first anniversary in New York City for a fun-filled weekend and very special moments including dinner at Tavern on the Green. How can we top that? We had discussed getting married at one point . . . why wait? Both of our families reside in different areas outside of Massachusetts and planning a large wedding would have been quite a challenge. Therefore, we decided to focus on what we wanted to experience for our day and chose a more intimate ceremony. However, we still held onto most of the standard wedding traditions such as tuxedo, wedding gown, photographer, videographer, flowers, cake, etc. and incorporated our own flair to each.

The gown and tuxedo . . . I wanted a simple, yet elegant gown. It is a spaghetti strapped gown with a small flowing train. The bodice was embroidered with some delicate silver metallic thread. I wore my hair in an up-do with many curls and a few wispy locks dangling at the sides of my face. A headpiece was worn with coordinating silver accents and pearls topped if off, along with a matching veil. Michael went with a four-button jacket, silver vest and tie with the flip-up shirt style. With his broad shoulders, he was quite handsome.

Bridal bouquet and groomís boutonniere . . . Snapdragons were chosen as a tribute to my Mom-Mom. She used to have them in her garden where my brother, Tom, and I would gently squeeze the blooms and pretend they were puppets (I guess you have to see it to understand). Other flowers contained in the bouquet were white roses, pale pink rose spray, a few lilies and wax flowers.

Rings . . . We apparently have opposite tastes when it comes to jewelry (Michael wears silver, I like gold). Therefore, purchasing rings that contained both styles turned out to be quite interesting. Michaelís choice was easy; it had to be platinum with no gold whatsoever. It is about 10 grams of platinum with a buffed appearance. My ring involved a trip or two to the jewelers by Michael on his own, some research on the internet for something we agreed upon, endless conversations about trying to convert me to a platinum gal and a trip to Bostonís Diamond District where we discovered a jeweler who designed a ring that met both our desires. Michael led me to believe that he did not trust this jeweler with such an important purchase. We were going to wait and have the perfect ring made by jewelers Michael and his family have used for years back at home in Toledo. However, at the time of the ceremony when we presented each other with the rings, I was surprised to see the real ring we had discussed. The ringís beauty and the sneakiness of my Ďhusbandí blew me away.

Two of our biggest investments for this occasion were the photographer and the videographer. Because we had a small intimate ceremony and none of our family and friends would see it first-hand, we relied heavily on these individuals to help share all the glorious details. Michael has become somewhat of a website designer nerd lately and thanks to a Christmas gift of a digital camera from his father, he has been developing an appreciation for photography as well. (For those of you who have seen the website and photos he created for our Amsterdam trip, you know what I am talking about.) Therefore, the photographer and videographer both needed to be of high quality and digitally equipped. To make things a little more complex, we wanted a photographer who would hand over the images so Michael could create another masterpiece of a website. As we found out, that was a little more difficult to pin down. Luckily, we met with David Fox. We were intrigued by his creativity and fun-loving nature. Not to mention the fact that he strived to very much please his customers, which meant he agreed to do what we wanted and we liked that! The videographer we chose was also very talented and went beyond the call of duty by meeting with us to review some new features we could utilize within our video and by providing an additional camera angle. You could instantly tell that Richard of Excel Video Productions, really enjoys what he does and that obviously makes a terrific product. Everyone we worked with on this event was very excited to participate in such a small ceremony. It allowed us to be at ease and try out different ideas that made it fun for all.